Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can largely change a person’s life. During a stroke, a lack of oxygen to the brain erases neuropathways causing neurological impairments in a region of the brain. Effects of a stroke can cause slurred speech, tone changes, loss of movement, and impair cognition. Patients are often left with a diagnosis of hemiplegia, dysphagia, aphasia, lack of coordination, and even depression. Maximizing a patient’s physical therapy is crucial to recovery especially within the first year, the sooner and more intense the physical therapy the better. Our physical therapists work with specific protocols to provide individualized interventions and care. Focusing on movement recovery, mobility, and stability our physical therapists will increase patient’s independence and ability to get back to their lives. Physical Therapist work to rehabilitate stroke patients using neuroeducation techniques to improve balance, gain, coordination, regain movement, and manage tone. Physical therapy stroke interventions and treatment goals involve relearning basic motor functions like walking, standing, sitting, transferring, lying down, and switching from one type of movement to another. The most successful physical therapy interventions are repetitive, task oriented and specific activities aimed at neuroeducation and plasticity. Physical therapists provide interventions for sensory disturbances after a stroke that include loss of bladder control, inability to feel temperatures, touch, or position of body in space. Adversely, stroke patients may have to deal with pain disturbances where constant pain is felt, numbness or tingling, or limb heaviness. Stroke rehabilitation also focuses on meeting the demands of the patient and helping adapt the environment and provide adaptive equipment or devices to increase the function and independence of the stroke patient. Kreative Therapy is a comprehensive outpatient center that offers the intensity of an acute inpatient program with the flexibility of patients schedule and an inclusive family and caretake care that will facilitate excellent carryover at home and compliance.