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Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join our seminars and trainings and learn how to keep it.


At Kreative Kids we feel it’s important to hear what the parents have to say about the therapy services their children are receiving here at Kreative Kids Therapy Center.

Our job is to empower you by providing you with the tools you need to follow up with your child’s therapy at home.


There is no better place to take your kids than this one; this facility feels like home my daughter know greets every therapist says hi to kids has already broken the wall and has spoken! I am so proud to say that my daughter attends Kreative Kids.

Sandra B.
Miami, FL.

Kreative Kids Therapy es un centro excepcional, mi niño recibe terapia de lenguaje y ocupacional en el centro desde hace 2 años. J.G ha avanzado muchísimo. Todos los terapistas entregan todo de si con cada niño, algo muy importante para nosotros los padres. Agradecida a Dios y a Kreative Kids Therapy.

Justin Gallo
Miami, FL.

KKT is the best alternative in therapies for our children. Early intervention in our children is the key to success! Message Body: Excellent team, great professionals, and human beings. It has been so exciting the advance of my twin boys in part because of their wonderful therapies. I highly recommend this place. Thank you to all of you to make the difference in our children’s lives!

Lizette H.
Miami, FL.

I wanted to thank Kreative Kids for their assistance in helping my son in his recovery from his brain injury. Your companies initial evaluation helped us to get the right care he needed… Thank you so much! I recommend Kreative Kids to anyone!

Miami, FL.