Therapy Center

The center’s interest in helping children extends beyond just a clinical interest in solving the problem; they understand the care and attention a child needs. An interdisciplinary approach is used incorporating an occupational, speech, and physical therapist to create an effective plan to address problems like: fine motor/gross motor skills, speech delays, receptive/expressive language, articulation, muscular weakness and coordination impairments, sensory processing disorders, self-care skills, handwriting, behaviors, communications, balance, and mobility.
All sessions are offered off and on location, providing a friendly, creative learning environment to keep your child focused and relaxed.

About Us

Director Katy Echevarria’s expertise is not only clinical, but highly personal. Her premature triplets required various types of therapy and through that process she learned how much impact therapy can have on a child’s life. It was this firsthand experience that gave life to Kreative Kids Therapy. Based in Doral, FL, Kreative Kids Therapy is a pediatric outpatient facility that provides speech, occupational, and physical therapy services. The facility has a family centered approach to integrate proven interventions into local communities and build up its families to ensure healthy lifestyles.

Mission Statement

At Kreative Kids Therapy we recognize the value of each child and have a strong commitment to their progress and development. We demonstrate this by: being an educational facility, forming partnerships with local universities and colleges, implementing new and proven medical interventions, being involved in community events, raising awareness of disabilities to local officials, and regularly educating our families on treatment techniques and local resources.
We believe family and community are synonymous with the child’s progress and achievement. Our team of highly trained therapists strive to work in an interdisciplinary environment where each child is exposed to a comprehensive therapeutic approach. Kreative Kids considers its members and patients family, therefore caring, professional, and loving service is always provided.


Katy Echevarria

Katy Echevarria

Founder & Director


Katy Echevarria M.S. CCC-SLP lifelong passion for children first found a foothold in the field of teaching. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with ESOL endorsement and taught for the Miami Dade school system for several years. Her experiences as a teacher made her realize that she wanted to direct her passion toward one-on-one sessions with children, rather than addressing them in a classroom setting. It was during this time that she pursued her masters in Speech Language Pathology, eventually going on to specialize in children and young adults (ages 0-21).

Katy is certified in the Beckman Oral Motor approach, Autism Navigator, SOS feeding approach, and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). She once sat on the special needs board for the city of Doral and engages in special needs events to benefit the community. She is an associate with FAAST (Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology) and is accredited by ASHA (American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association). Katy also participates in community health fairs, back-to-school nights, and provides educational seminars for schools and career days. Katy works hard to increase access to therapy for the South Florida community and provides comprehensive services.

Play as you learn

Therapy Center

Our team is so happy to help your children develop properly through hands-on learning and fun experiences.

Health and Safety

Our center is supplied with the next generation equipment to ensure your child’s well-being and proper developing.

With Love and Care

We have the most caring, professional and loving therapists, so be sure your child is safe and happy with our team.

Family Support

Isn’t it a happiness to finally find out that your family has found a therapy center that is so loving and supporting?