Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy gives children the confidence to try new activities and modify their behavior. Neurological and developmental diagnosis can put a strain on a child’s interaction with their environment often resulting in nonfunctional behaviors that hinder growth and learning. Behavior therapy focuses on using psychological and reward-based techniques that can empower the child to succeed in their natural environment.

  • Develops Coping Skills
  • Equips the child with positive alternative behaviors
  • Educates the family on successful behavior techniques
  • Improve behavior and self-control
  • Increase self esteem

Behavior therapy is provided for children ages 0-21 of age in a one to one capacity in their natural environment. Behavior Therapy can increase academic and social success by empowering children with coping strategies and deficits to engage in a positive way to make gains. Your child may be a candidate for Behavior Therapy if they exhibit the following:

  • Easily agitated
  • Seems nervous
  • Appears angry
  • Blames others for unwanted outcomes
  • Difficulty following Adult directed directions
  • Questions authority
  • Arguing and throwing temper tantrums
  • Having difficulty in handling frustration

Behavior therapists form individual treatments to remove unwanted behaviors and educate the child’s family how to properly interact with their child to not mistakenly promote negative behaviors. If your child has difficulties performing in their environment due to maladaptive behaviors call us and schedule an evaluation.