Skills of Language


How can we teach our children the skills they need to greet, inform, explain and request?


  • Role Playing: Engage in role play activities with adults and other children to simulate social situations (e.g. going shopping, going to the park, visiting grandparents).
  • Turn-taking Games: Engage in turn taking games, such as board games to teach the child that it is ‘okay to lose’.
  • Facial Expressions: Look at facial expressions and discuss the feelings associated with the facial expressions.
  • Puppets: Take part in role play or puppet shows after watching a modeled situation.
  • Social Stories: Develop social stories that depict how to behave and respond in certain social situations.
  • Arts N Crafts: Engage in arts n crafts activities to promote following directions and making requests.
  • Greetings: Encourage your child to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in social interactions.
  • Gross Motor Activities: Engage in games/tasks such as running, crawling, jumping, dancing to promote gross motor skills and interactions that vary.
  • Problem Solving: Engaging in problems and finding solutions that assist in the resolution of the problem.