Kreative Kids Special Needs Camp


Summertime is a joyous and memorable season! Students have worked hard year-round and are eagerly anticipating vacations, family outings, and social programs.   It can become challenging to retain scholastic skills over a 12-week span without an academic structure.  Our Developmental specialist have designed a summer program to facilitate academic retention, cognitive growth, socialization, and physical wellbeing.  Our inclusive program is an all age camp with subsections that provides accommodations for Spanish speaking students.

Our summer program focuses on five different areas that are considered to promote wellbeing and development. Each weekday is dedicated to one of the following: S.T.E.M., Athletics, Culture and History, Arts and Expression, and Social skills.  Research demonstrates that a multi-sensory approach is the most successful way of learning, that means using our bodies to interact with our environment and successful communication is achieved with interpersonal opportunities that we will facilitate.

                Our uniquely designed camp will challenge, educate, and elevate all students to reach their fullest potential while having fun. An unforgettable summer is waiting for your child at Kreative Kids Camp.


  • S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): Our instructional labs will make learning FUN! Performing experiments and participating in group projects that building mathematical and scientific concepts. Demonstrations and Guest Speakers will expand their knowledge of real life S.T.E.M. applications
  • Athletics and physical training: Students will enjoy an active day in our gym where they will participate in: group sports, instructional classes, and complete obstacle courses. Physical education on nutrition, activity, and wellness will aim to promote healthy habits.
  • Language/History immersion: Our Cultural days will enhance global knowledge. In 10 weeks, our students will learn about 10 different countries and have a basic understanding of their culture, cuisine, language, and history. They will enjoy listening to music, eating different foods, dressing up, and much more.
  • Creativity & Art expression: A day to devoted to expression will facilitate self-esteem and language. We will present different forms of expression and encourage creativity. An introduction to: painting, poetry , crafts, and pottery will be provided allowing students to learn different stress management and coping mediums.
  • Social and Societal interaction: Peer interactions and meaningful exchanges will shape their summer experience. Pragmatics skills and communication enhancement will be gained.